To read up on the full rental code, click on link:
links to specific to hardware requirements by law.
Deadbolt with Key override.
**19 user code capacity
wear-resistant coating that
prevents wear patterns.  
**Add, delete, or change codes
in seconds, right at the keypad.
**Available in Camelot and
Plymouth designs

* If you have to use your key to unlock the knob/
lever and deadbolt, you are paying for 2 rekeys.  To
cut rekey expense, replace the locking knob with a
passage knob.  This is a knob / lever that doesn't
require a key to unlock.  This will, in the future pay
for itself.  You are not paying for a rekey on the
knob / lever each time you get a new tenant, only
the deadbolt, therefore cutting the rekey price in
half.  If you are worried about the security of the
door with one less locking device, the security is in
the deadbolt, not the locked knob / lever.  This will
also prevent the tenant from locking themselves
out of the house.  When the tenant leaves through
the front or back door, they will have to have their
keys to lock the deadbolt.  They will not be able to
lock the knob / lever from the inside and shut the
door, only to realize they left their keys in the
We are familiar with the
TX rental laws
and can give quotes to
bring your rentals to code.  
If you would like to check
on the Laws, see
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