KeyMark® by Medeco® offers patented key control without the physical pick and drill
resistance of Medeco's High Security product line. KeyMark cylinders will fit into most
entire system of affordable replacement cylinders with genuine, patent protected key
control from Medeco, the company who pioneered high security key control.

Schlage commercial cylinders are ideal for a wide range of commercial applications, from airports, hospitals, universities and
offices, to research laboratories, and government and military buildings. Since our cylinders can be used in a wide range of
Schlage and competitors’ locks, you can pair the lock you need with the security level that fits your application.

For effective mechanical protection against most forms of
keys, Medeco3 cylinders are recommended.  Security features including
hardened steel components, pins that must be elevated, rotated, and
interact with both a sidebar and a slider, and additional pick resistant
features make Medeco3 the cylinder of choice to protect people, property
and information.
bitting makes unauthorized duplication virtually impossible and is also used to create geographically exclusive keys in a
thousand available combinations. In addition to a conventional pin tumbler mechanism, Primus cylinders incorporate a
patented finger pins and sidebar design, providing a “dual locking” cylinder that is virtually pick-proof.  Primus XP
technology can be used to upgrade an Everest or Classic system to a high-security cylinder.
in BHMA hardware finishes 626 and 606.
available in removable core for quick and easy rekeying capabilities.
Corbin-Russwin 6 pin and Sargent 6 pin large formats, all ASSA Interchangeable core cylinders are listed under U.L. 437, a set of tests for
use both standard and interchangeable cylinders. Available in the standard ASSA large format as well as the Schlage, Yale 6 pin,
Corbin-Russwin 6 pin and Sargent 6 pin large formats, all ASSA Interchangeable core cylinders are listed under U.L. 437, a set of tests for
determining the cylinder's physical resistance against various forms of attack and performance that features our patented key control
ensuring the maximum protection from unauthorized key duplication.
protection. As tough as a Maxum deadbolt is on the outside, it’s that smart on the inside.  It can be ordered with the triple-
locking security of a Medeco3 cylinder. Recommended for residential and business use, it’s available as a single- or double-
cylinder or with a unique “captive thumbturn.” The captive thumbturn converts the inside cylinder to a thumbturn for safe exit
when the facility is occupied. A quick conversion when the facility is not occupied returns it to double cylinder mode and
guards against unauthorized entry or exit. Maxum deadbolts offer maximum protection with solid-brass construction, along
with anti-drilling and anti-prying features
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